Cancún FC anuncia 2 nuevos fichajes

Cancún FC announces 2 new signings

Cancún FC is very excited to announce the signing of two players who will join our team for the long-awaited 2023 season: 'Gallo' Vázquez and Rodrigo Reyes.

José Juan Vázquez ("Gallito" or "Gallo") is a 35-year-old transfer from Club Tijuana, and established himself as a prominent figure in Mexican football. With an impressive record of 19 games for the Mexican National Team, we can't wait to see him in the Cancún FC shirt.

In addition to 'Gallo' Vázquez , we are also pleased to welcome central defender Rodrigo Reyes to our team. Reyes is 22 years old and is from CD Tapatío. He will help the defensive line.

Please give a warm welcome to 'Gallo' Vázquez and Rodrigo Reyes as they embark on this new chapter with Cancún FC. Let 's go Cancun FC!


Cancún FC's 2023 season will begin with an away match on July 22 at 6:30 pm CST. The match is against CD Tapatío in Guadalajara.

Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming newsletter discussing the new "Tourist Lounge" concept at Estadio Olimpico Andrés!

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