The Iguanas suffer their second setback as a visitor in the 2023 Apertura Tournament of the MX Expansion League

Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco August 30, 2023.- They dominated, but did not know how to reflect it on the scoreboard, and Cancún FC suffered a painful defeat (3-0) against Alteños de Tepatitlán at the 'Gregorio 'Tepa' Gómez' stadium, in the seventh day of the 2023 Apertura Tournament of the MX Expansion League.

In the eighth minute, Junior Moreira took a powerful shot from outside the large area that the goalkeeper, Sebastián Mora, managed to deflect with both hands. 'Tepa' was saved!

Cancún FC dominated at the beginning of the game with constant arrivals. Instead, the hosts little by little advanced lines, to the point of matching the actions.

The 24th minute was passing, when Alfonso Tamay escaped at full speed, with the sticky marking of Santos Robles and Omar Mireles, who prevented the Cancun native from causing further damage.

It was at 33' that the Alteños opened the scoring on a set piece, derived from a corner kick from the right, overcoming the defense. Iván Acero took advantage of that situation with a header against the left post and leaving Edson Reséndez without a chance.

Already in the complementary part, Cancún FC looked for the equalizer. The clearest, without a doubt, at 63', thanks to a great cross from the right by Walter Ortega at the other post,
where Tamay appeared to smash the ball into the hairpin. Still, on the counterattack, Traore shot at the base of the post and came close to tying the score.

There was more. Now it was Raúl Castillo with a free kick that hit the ball at the base of the right post, when the goalkeeper, Mora, had already beaten the shot.

Launched into the attack, the visitors created a clear danger option, in a counterattack by the Colombian, José Rodríguez, who was fouled by Omar Mireles, on the edge of the large area. Incredibly, the whistler, Miguel Ángel Anaya, did not sanction the foul with a red card, as it was an obvious goal-scoring action.

Localist, just after the offensive that was not sanctioned as expulsion, the whistler, however, did decree an alleged maximum penalty. Thus, at 80', Alejandro Rivero, with a powerful low shot, hitting the base of Edson's right post, made it 2-0.
The outcome was crazy for the Alteños, since at 90' they made it 3-0, with a play between Alejandro Rivero, on the right wing, who enabled Giovani León and he, without thinking, took a shot into the right corner. Edson Reséndez, static, just watched the score.

The setback leaves the Caribbean in ten units. For its part, Enrique López Zarza's squad achieved its first victory of the campaign, which allows it to reach seven points.

On the eighth day, the Caribbean team will host Coyotes de Tlaxcala on Wednesday, September 6 at 8:05 p.m. at the 'Andrés Quintana Roo' stadium.
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